Christopher Rajkumar
Ph.D Student

University of Southern Denmark
Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management

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Research interest
Sourcing Innovation, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Innovation, Information Technology


PhD - Towards a theory of Sourcing Innovation: Conceptualization, Antecedents and Performance Implications
The purpose of this Ph.D is to understand the conceptual domain of sourcing innovation by theoretically as well as empirically defining the various theoretical constructs that underpin the complex concept

The Ph.D seeks til answer the questions:

  • What type of role does information technology play in driving sourcing innovation?
  • What are the performance implications of sourcing innovation?

The method used to create the empirical foundation

Theoretical Frame
The theoretical frame for this Ph.D is Sourcing Innovation. With a focus on Supplier & Buyer perfomrance, Firm-specific antecedents, Relationship-specific antecedents and Information technology

Findings & Contribution

This Ph.D seeks to empower researchers and practitioners to evaluate various success and failures formula within sourcing innovation. Further it will also facilitate further empirical research within sourcing innovation. More importantly, this research effort will stand apart from past research within SCM by showcasing an innovative data collection effort.