Lone Kavin
Ph.D student

University of Southern Denmark
Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management

Contact info
Email loka@sam.sdu.dk

Research interest
Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Innovation, Industrialization, Business Models, Sustainability and Relationship Management


PhD - Process innovation in the offshore wind power industry 
The purpose of the Ph.D is to identify and evaluate the incentives, practices and tools that the suppliers in the offshore wind industry can employ to foster innovation across their supplier networks.

The Ph.D seeks to answer the research question: What incentives, practices, and tools can immature industries employ to foster innovation across their supplier networks?

The method used is in-depth case studies within the Danish offshore wind industry.

Empirical Foundation

Teoretical Frame
The teoretical frame for this Ph.D is Supply Chain Management, in particular with a focus on process innovation, network structures and management of networks.