Morten Brinch
Industrial Ph.D. Student

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Research interest
Supply chain management, operation and maintenance, big data


PhD - Big Data and Operation & Maintenance in the Offshore Wind Energy Sector

The purpose of this Ph.D is to develop new knowledge concerning the new buzz word “Big Data”. Big data will be studied in the context of operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, identifying new ways O&M practices can be applied with the use of big data, to increase the energy output and to reduce the associated costs.

This Ph.D seeks to answer following research question: How and to what extent can big data contribute to the reduction of OPEX and changing the service supply chain business model for O&M?

Four work packages is planned to take place:


A longitudinal case study exploring two different offshore wind parks will take place. The offshore wind parks selected is an already commissioned park; the other park is set to be commissioned in 2017. Studying these two parks will give empirical insights on how big data is incorporated and used in forthcoming commissioned parks.

Empirical foundation

Theoretical framework